Steidley & Neal, PLLC located in Tulsa and McAlester, Oklahoma serves clients in the Midwest and across the nation through attorneys who are personally invested and who concentrate in a wide range of substantive areas.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to provide the highest quality legal services at a value that our clients perceive as fair and reasonable. We fulfill this commitment by establishing long lasting relationships with our clients based on three fundamental principles – trust, communication, and efficiency. This dedication to client success and legal excellence has distinguished our firm.

Established Trust 

Trust is the backbone of a mutually rewarding relationship. We strive to completely understand our clients’ businesses and needs in order to become a partner in their future. By having a stake in their future, our clients trust our advice to be in their best interest.

Effective Communication

Successful relationships depend on consistent and productive communications. We keep in touch with our clients – anticipating their needs and challenges, and focusing on true collaboration. By being proactive in communication, we can often provide innovative solutions to unique problems and keep small issues from becoming big ones.

Efficient Teamwork

Our clients deserve prompt and effective legal services. With a broad range of targeted services, the firm is equipped to respond immediately to most challenges that our clients face. By allocating our resources and applying different proficiencies to our clients’ problems, we can work efficiently with the client as a team to handle the various issues they face.