Steidley & Neal’s appellate attorneys have significant experience in both state and federal appellate practice, on behalf of a deeply diverse clientele that includes governments, businesses, non-profits and beyond. In addition to handling appeals that arise within the firm, Steidley & Neal has also been retained specially as appellate counsel, and is often asked to assist with appeals and retrials of cases initially tried by other counsel.

Our experience includes all manner of appellate briefing in civil cases before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, federal Circuit Courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court. We believe that one of the essential components of a successful appeal is making the best possible record in the trial court, and we begin our preparation before the matter reaches judgment. Our trial attorneys assist our experienced appellate practitioners,as well, because we believe the trial lawyers most familiar with the case should be close at hand so that the appeal may be prosecuted in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We continue our work through our legal research, persuasive brief writing, and thoroughly-prepared oral argument, when necessary.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing high-quality representation in identifying issues likely to be successful in appeal, in defending appeals against properly-rendered judgments, and in all stages of the appeal process. We consider ourselves dedicated allies here to look out for you in every step. We believe that the best legal outcomes happen when we put your needs first and keep you informed and empowered. We are here to provide our industry talents and knowledge, so you can find clarify in your decisions.