Representing governmental entities and officials who are sued for torts and alleged constitutional violations has long been a cornerstone of our firm’s practice. These cases frequently are filed in, or are removed to, federal court. They typically involve application of special areas of federal and state constitutional law and statutes governing civil rights issues of many kinds.

Steidley & Neal’s experience in this area of the law is very broad, ranging from First Amendment issues to various forms of alleged violations of due process rights and excessive force cases. Litigation involving government officials requires both litigation skills and thorough understanding of the law from the beginning of the lawsuit and if necessary through trial and the appellate process.

The law in this field is always evolving and changing both in legislation and in jurisprudence on constitutional and § 1983 issues. Our governmental liability attorneys have deep experience in evaluating and defending governmental liability claims, drawing from substantial expertise from many years of litigation practice, appellate work on constitutional and civil rights issues, and dedication to studying the ongoing development of the law in this area.