The law firm of Steidley & Neal was founded to effectively represent the needs of the firm’s regional and national clients in litigation matters.

The mission of the firm is to maximize efficient results through an aggressive, thoughtful approach.  In the competitive legal arena, it is essential that every resource be utilized to achieve the ultimate goal of the client.  By placing the needs of our clients first, the attorneys at S&N apply a tactical team-oriented strategy to defending the interests of the firm’s valued clients.

Our trial attorneys have extensive experience and success in courtrooms through Oklahoma, Texas and the United States.  It is our commitment and dedication to each client that has allowed us to enjoy longstanding relationships.  We are focused on providing not only legal expertise and sound judgment, but also timeliness and responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Our litigation practice includes insurance litigation, transportation liability, business litigation, product liability, construction accidents and construction defect and premises liability.  As trial attorneys, we know that winning a lawsuit in any of these areas requires strategy, dedication and the willingness to go beyond expectations.

We are experienced trial lawyers and trusted advisors relied upon by global businesses to protect their interests in emerging and established industries across the United States. We understand that we are a service organization, as well as a provider of legal service, and so we work collaboratively with our clients to reach their business goals. 

Our firm has been instrumental in defining some of the most important issues in the insurance industry through our work in trial and appellate courts in Oklahoma and throughout the United States, while our litigation and transactional skills have enabled us to maintain exemplary standards of practice. 

We provide a full spectrum of consulting and litigation services relating to insurance matters, but we also handle complex business litigation for various types of clients, including large, sophisticated technology companies; mid-sized firms; and even sole proprietorships. 

Keeping our clients out of court and out of the media spotlight is our priority. But when a client’s business success depends on aggressive and result-oriented litigation, we are prepared to bring our talent and resources to the courtroom.


Our Philosophy

We believe that to do our best work we should be more than a legal resource to those we serve. Instead, we’re a friend in business who cares just as much for the clients we support as the outcomes we create.

In order to uphold this commitment, we must help each person and organization to look forward, stay on track, and come out ahead — so we work to always prepare and protect them. By diligently supporting our clients and proactively addressing their needs, we can help them navigate unforeseen challenges and address immediate concerns. To do so, we focus on the fundamental importance of working intelligently and efficiently, both for our clients and ourselves. Our adept abilities and agile structure allow us to focus on the right efforts at the right time, and we’re not afraid to seize new opportunities as they arise. This flexibility translates to providing our clients with highly responsive service that keeps them cared for and informed.

At every step, we believe in providing lasting value to the clients we serve and the people we hire. From our open-door policy to our genuine belief in enjoying life, we strive to foster every clients’ and employees’ success.

About Us

Effective litigators don’t just know the law. They know the courts. It’s the fundamental philosophy that has guided this firm since day one.

Steidley & Neal serves clients in the Midwest and across the nation through attorneys who are personally invested in Tulsa, McAlester and Hugo. Our firm has more than 20 attorneys who concentrate in a wide range of substantive areas

Our Commitment to You

We commit to provide the highest quality legal services at a value that our clients perceive as fair and reasonable. We fulfill this commitment by establishing long lasting relationships with our clients based on three fundamental principles – trust, communication, and efficiency. This dedication to client success and legal excellence has distinguished our firm.

Established Trust

Trust is the backbone of a mutually rewarding relationship. We strive to completely understand our clients’ businesses and needs in order to become a partner in their future. By having a stake in their future, our clients trust our advice to be in their best interest.

Effective Communication

Successful relationships depend on consistent and productive communications. We keep in touch with our clients – anticipating their needs and challenges and focusing on true collaboration. By being proactive in communication, we can often provide innovative solutions to unique problems and keep small issues from becoming big ones.

Efficient Teamwork

Our clients deserve prompt and effective legal services. With a broad range of targeted services, the firm is equipped to respond immediately to most challenges that our clients face. By allocating our resources and applying different proficiencies to our clients' problems, we can work efficiently with the client as a team to handle the various issues they face.